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uso_megane's Journal

Sakurai Takahiro fans on Live Journal
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櫻井 孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)
Company : 81プロデュース
Date of birth : June 13, 1974
Birthplace : Aichi prefecture, Chuubu area
Blood type : A
Debut : 爆走兄弟レッツ&ゴー!!

Welcome ! This is the place for us sharing things about Sakurai Takahiro. All about him ! :D

Please read this before you post :
- We don't need intro post. We know you like Sakupyon, that's why you join here, right ?
- If you want to post media files or pictures, post it behind lj cut and f-locked.
- You are welcome to share any good Sakurai sites. Just post the link address of the main page. We encourage you to link to the main page because a large number of website, especially Japanese sites, dislike direct linking. However, if you really have to post a direct link to a particular page, you may do so as long as you remove the [http:// ] part.
- Do not write L1K3 7H15. We are not leeting community. Grammar errors are acceptable but please use the correct spelling.
- No flame! If you have disagreement with someone, please take it up with them via email or your own LJ.
- No RPS (Real People Slash).
- Only post Sakurai-related.
- Three warnings, and you're out of this comm. End of story.

If you have questions, feel free to email the mod - arisuesei

Enjoy your stay here. :D


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